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Hey ladies, let’s get real.

One size never fits all—we’ve each got different sized hips, busts, waists, and beautifully unique behinds. 

That’s why SANDE is all about celebrating every curve, or lack there of, with custom-made swimwear. We’re reinventing the classics with modern and minimalist designs that will make women of all sizes look and feel fantastic.

Launched in July 2016, SANDE swimsuits are hand crafted in Montreal with premium Italian fabrics. Every order is constructed with our detailed sizing method, resulting in an oh-so-perfect fit, every time. Sold exclusively online, you can say goodbye to limited sizing options and frustrating changing rooms (we promise you won’t miss them).

P.S You won’t find photoshopped beach bods on this site, every womanly shape you see here is au naturel, and that’s the way we like it.